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Sep 10, 2012


The ‘abhutpurba chahalpahal’ seen in UCMS these days was never seen before in its ‘a decade and half history’, say the locals here.
Throwing an open challenge to the sulfurous summer, people from all lands and climes have gathered to be a part of the historic event. Dandyish fellas plus sultry damsels from medical colleges across the nation competing in sports as diverse as basketball and chess has made UCMS look like a Behuli . We, Jantis, have the bhyaai-nabhyaai to spectate .
The host UCMS is in a winning spree; coming to the fourth day, it has already secured its place in the bat and ball game. Girls’ basketball too didn’t go out of us, and the finals for most of the remaining games are taking place today. All the best to our Ketas, keep going!!
For ketis, here is the fact to rejoice: if you are to judge the success of an event by the number of its spectators, then I bet you my bottom dollar that basketball and table-tennis will make it to the top 2. Murkha Manushya, stop wondering and get reminded of the age old adage- Jaha khel6n KT, Urlin6 tyeha baadhi.
Over and above that, this fest has also been a perfect platform for the get-together of long-lost friends; the school friends and the +2 friends (no offence meant for my I.Sc background walla mates). Meeting for the first time after many years, but no wonder, hi-hello aside and centre the kurakani towards ‘koi 6aina kya ho tero college maa chwaak haru?’. As if his is the one full of Apsaraas and paris, and unsatisfied, has come here in a hunting drive.
That apart, given that the fest is organized by a charitable society and much of what will be collected will go to its fund, there’s a good reason to celebrate. Its guiding principle ‘Helping the poor and needy’ may well have been turned into a cliché, but one cannot gloss over the small, yet laudable steps of Karuna towards bringing back the patients from the brink of death. It’s worth repeating that the monetary aid it provides has infused life to thousands of helpless patients, and it comes with pride to each one of us, here at this fest, to be a part of this humanitarian cause.
The main attraction, however, is without any doubt the cultural program. Every Tom, Dick and Harry this blogger talked to were as keen as mustard with regards to ‘Farki Farki Nahera Malai’ (Albatross aaudai6 ni ta), Mr. or more particularly Ms. UCMS, dhuwa-daar naachgaan and a host of other captivating cultural performances. It was earlier informed that MAHA JODI, the most talented + the most respected artists of this nation, would come as chief guests to inaugurate the program, but God knows why, we are now said- it’s undone. Seems, uncertainty still looms as to who would be in the coveted chair of Pramukh Atithi, but what I feel is s/he should be a prominent national figure who can be a source of inspiration too to our generation.
Last maa, tomorrow @6pm (sharp or dull, who knows), there’s a Quiz competition. I guarantee you that you’ll not only get entertained, but also fokatmaa you’ll also get the much valuable knowledge!! So, let’s come see!!! Enjoy to your fullest!!!!


the rZn said...

Sir le darro lekhnu bhayecha.
Patrakaar huna thanu bhayecha jasto cha !!
sir le lekhdai garnus..
sir ko yo idea ramro laagyo malai..

Subash Adhikari said...

good post...a relevant pic would have been the icing on the cake..

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