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Jan 22, 2014

Entrenched Mafia and KC Sir's Crusade

Finally, unable to make the revered Govinda KC sir to budge an inch, the tainted TU officials had to sack their fellow-tainted Dean Dr. Shashi Sharma. Upon hearing this, many heaved a sigh of relief feeling that finally justice prevailed and KC sir saved as well. But let's be clear, this has come merely as a desperate move intended to calm the public fury for the time being, plus as a well-calculated one. Else, why did Dr. Sharma not resign voluntarily after the TU chancellor himself ordered to revoke the appointment? Why did the TU Executive Council not convince its appointee to tender resignation instead of expelling? Well, the answer lies in its ulterior motive: to leave enough space for the sacked Dean to get reinstated by the court and thus reverse the gains of KC sir's crusade. Hence it's clear, until the former Dean is brought back, the determined medical fraternity is not going to back down.

Source: South Asia and Beyond
In the meantime, the public needs to understand that this crusade is precisely for them in the long run. Blatant political interference in IOM by placing their puppets in its top positions thereby allowing to operate the 'mafia-politician' nexus with impunity had almost cleared the road for mushrooming of medical colleges in the capital and its outskirts. What's wrong with this, one may ask. Much has been already exposed to the public about how these mafia-operated unregulated or dysregulated colleges and their products are going to literally kill patients in the future with their zero skills and expertise. 6 years into these colleges and then you get that much-touted title of Dr.!  But take it- whether this title will save you or in the process of saving kill you, is largely determined by the type of academic environment he enjoyed in his institute. The entrance and selection criteria of its students is no less important. And you can very well imagine the quality of academic environment and the selection criteria in these colleges whose only motive is to make fast money. Their products will be in a similar drive to recover their millions they invested. So while on the one hand, doctors produced will be of very low-grade in their skills and knowledge; on the other,whatsoever little attributes of a doctor they possess will be negated by the lure to make fast bucks in order to earn back the huge amount they invested during their 'becoming of a doctor'. In the process, public health be damned!

The undergraduate medical education is only part of the story. Postgraduate education too has suffered in the hands of this criminal nexus as the right to run PG and superspecialisation programmes are also being granted haphazardly to the same mafioso. After all, it's the money, stupid! Who cares its ramifications? Not even the medical fraternity. It was only after KC sir started his fast-unto-death that the medicos nationwide became vocal and agitated. And now, once we have come this far, it's unwise to leave it half-way, that too when chances of easy reversal of the gains are imminent.

It has long been understood that the TU officials, who enjoy widespread support from their political masters, feel secured and insured no matter what. They are not easily giving up, because giving up is tantamount to closure of their lucrative business. They are not bothered at all with the quality of education such colleges will impart. The only thing that concerns them is the money. So this is the time not to backtrack, but to take the protests to newer heights. We have no other options left to bring these TU crooks to book. The towering moral force we have with us in the form of Dr. Govinda KC sir will surely lead us to victory.

In case Dr. Sharma goes to the court (which is very likely), there is very little chance that our judges won't disappoint us. Call it an unsolicited advice, but situations should sometimes be judged by reading the spirit and not the letters of law. Else, how can the Janaandolan of 2062/063 prove its legality? To which clauses of our law can its products viz. republicanism and secularism conform? None, but it was the Janaandolan so no questions were entertained. In the same vein, the current 'medical-aandolan' is the equivalent to its political counterpart of 2062-063. While the latter's mandate was abolition of monarchy, the current aandolan has it in the form of abolition of 'mafiyatantra' that is at the helm of medical education in Nepal today. The judiciary would do well to understand the gravity of this situation and act judiciously to diffuse the situation (which is of course very unlikely).  


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